Monday, April 20, 2009

Road to Recovery

So I was so delighted and blessed to have a healthy baby. The physical recovery from the c-section was extremely hard but the mental recovery took the longest. Some people might not understand, they say you had the baby why did it matter how he came? Yes, the outcome of having a beautiful, healthy baby was the same but the road getting there took such a drastic turn that I had to process it all...and that took some time. Thankfully with a loving family, supportive friends, and my faith I accepted that for unknown reason's that was God's plan for me. I know I have talked to others who have gone through a similar experience and since I started this blog as a a place to support one another and a resource for some, I would love it if you would share your story on here as well.


  1. Obviously I can't totally understand since I haven't had a kid yet, but it makes complete sense to me the emotional struggle a lot of women go through when labor/delivery goes differently than expected. Yes you have a healthy beautiful baby, but it's like you have to mourn the lost experience. I'm so glad you started this blog and I hope it helps others who are looking for answers.

  2. This blog is just one more great way God used your c-section for His glory. What an encouragement!!