Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blessed With Support

As I said before I was well informed about VBAC. The number one thing I can tell you helped besides my supportive family and faith was having wonderful midwives who were 100% supportive and encouraging of my decision and who really believed I could do it. I have heard of many who had a doctor who said they could try but you knew deep down they weren't supportive and any chance they got to go ahead with another c-section they would. I encourage you to find another doctor/midwife if you feel they aren't supportive 100%. They should be telling you they believe you can do this instead of giving you excuses as to why you won't be successful. That will make a huge impact on the success of the VBAC.

So as my pregnancy went on I was getting more and more excited. I was still nervous and anxious at times but I was able to deal with those emotions and overpower them with positive ones. I realized it was best for me to deal with these emotions instead of just try to ignore them. My midwife asked me one day what would be the worst thing about having to be transferred and told me to think that over but then to realize that if by chance that were to happen it wouldn't be the worse thing because I would know 100% that I had done everything to try to have a VBAC and I would know it was completely necessary.

Talking to others really helped. I even found two others from my mom's group at church who were trying for VBAC's as well. It was great getting to know them and be able to share with others who were going through the same thing and feeling many of the same emotions. That is partially why I wanted to start this blog because for me having the support of someone who had gone through it too was really a blessing. I hope sharing my story will be a blessing, support and encouragement to you.

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